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Diary of a church dog 24

Diary of a church Dog. 24

Is it me or does Christmas come around with an increasing rapidity? This will be my 5th Christmas (in human years) and I know that mumma will have sent my list to Santa. However this year I am aware that in the human world Christmas is coming on the end of a year where money has been stretched to the absolute limit and bills are increasing at a rate that is causing a lot of stress and worry to many people including the church bills.

The electric bills at the Parish Hall have gone up by 300% and mumma is dreading the bills for church! I know that everyone is feeling the stretch too and being a dog I don’t have to worry about paying bills so I am lucky I just hope that anyone who is in need knows that there is help available and that the wonderful folk at Rainbow Junktion are here to help with food and warm meals. There are also designated warm spaces set up and Headingley Library has one where you can go have a sit and have a cuppa, use the wi-fi or read a book.

There is advise available at www.citizensadvice.org also either phone  080811 or go online at www.ofgem.gov.uk

It seems an anathema to me that in the 21st century we have come to this situation where so much wealth in the world is wasted and yet people are going hungry! 2022 years ago a baby was born to save us and at this time of year we turn again to the baby in the hope of his love, in the trust of his love and in the peace of his love.

I truly hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that you are able to enjoy the season with family or friends in love and fellowship. See you next year.

Much love TJ

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