Diary of a church Dog 7

Diary of a church Dog 7

Well! We’ve got to 2021 and to be honest I quite enjoyed lock down it meant I had mummy’s attention all day every day and I loved it. It was a year where a lot happened and nothing happened. Yet looking back there were things that happened that mark the year as memorable. We stood and clapped, well I barked! For our NHS every week noting without any doubt that the frontline workers of our NHS are wonders any year but especially a year like the last when their resilience has been tested to the limit. Along with the NHS other key workers such as those in care homes, police, education staff and those in the food chain are also worthy recipients of our gratitude we would not have got through without them we are eternally grateful.

At St Michaels we kept things going through all eventualities. We managed to start work on the kitchen and toilet and re-laid parts of the damaged floor (what a mess builders make they are very messy boys creating dust clouds everywhere!) The work continues!

One of the things that St Michaels did last year, that I really love and enjoy looking at, is the mural they commissioned for the Parish Youth Centre. If you’ve not yet seen it then next time you go for fish and chips look across to the Youth Centre and there, you’ll see St Michael with his arms and wings outstretched protecting Headingley. He is set in a rainbow emulating a stained-glass window and all around the base are the names of Leeds, Headingley and parish notables. If you get the chance go and have a read see who you recognise.

2021 will be a rebuilding year in the words of the Leeds United song which are incorporated in the mural (“As one we march on together”)

Marching On Together! We're gonna see you win. We are so proud. We shout it out loud we love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

These words resonate and although specific to Leeds they can be applied to the whole nation. #MOT.

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