March 5th 2021 - during the season of Lent

    Dear Friends,

    the PCC of St Michael’s have agreed a schedule for reopening our church building for public worship. We will open for private prayer between 10am and 11am on Sunday March 14th and 21st, and we will celebrate the Eucharist on Palm Sunday March 28th at 10am and on subsequent Sundays.

    Our APCM will take place in person, though physically distanced, at 11am on March 28th following the service.

    Our weekly midweek service of Holy Communion will restart on Wednesday April 7th at 11.30am.

    We will continue to follow all government regulations in order to keep people safe including hand sanitising, the wearing of face coverings, and 2m physical distancing of households/bubbles, and will continue to keep records of people attending St Michael’s for NHS Test and Trace until we are told that we can stop.

    Our recorded services will continue until all restrictions are removed.

    With my best wishes and prayers,


    Revd Dr Angela Birkin


  • Welcome to St. Michael and All Angels.

    Saint Michael and All Angels' Church is a an open and inclusive Church in the Liberal Catholic  tradition of Church of England. Here you will find a parish church which, in various forms, has stood at the heart of the community of Headingley since 1620.

    Here you will find wonderful Gothic architecture, fine stained glass, beautiful wrought iron work, a fine organ accompanying harmonious singing, all witnessing to the beauty and welcome of God, and the care and faithfulness of generations of Christians.

    Above all, it is here you will find a Christian Community worshipping God, praying that we may grow in love and service, and in the beauty of holiness.

    We invite all who enter to pause and make space for the God who made us and who meets us in Jesus Christ.

    On behalf of the whole worshipping community, may we welcome you to St Michael’s. We pray that God will bless your visit here.

     Revd Dr Angela Birkin
    Assistant Curate of St Michael and All Angels’ in the Headingley Team.

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    St Michael and All Angels’ Services

    Lent, Holy Week and Easter 2021




    March 14th Mothering Sunday and March 21st -5th Sunday of Lent

    10am to 11am

    Church open for private prayer. 

    March 28th Palm Sunday



    Parish Eucharist

    APCM in church

    April 1st Maundy Thursday


    Holy Communion

    April 2nd Good Friday

    2pm – 3pm 

    The Last Hour – meditations on Stations of the Cross and silence

    April 4th Easter Day


    Parish Eucharist

    April 7th Wednesday


    Holy Communion (said)

    April 11th The Second Sunday of Easter


    Parish Eucharist














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