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Coffee Rota

Coffee Rota - see notice in Servery

Thankyou to everyone who has volunteered to be part of the coffee or the welcomers rota.

If you are going to be away, please tell the other people in the team and arrange cover and change the copy of the rota in the kitchen on the wall. If that’s not possible, please let Rebecca.

Nobody should be on both rotas on the same day, if you spot a mistake please let me know. 

Coffee Rota Information

The congregation really appreciates the opportunity for a catchup after the service, but without you this couldn’t happen, so thank you. There are 3 people (apologies Ella & Tom) on each team although 2 people can run it fairly easily.

Please arrange between you who will bring 2 pints of milk for the duty. You can get the money back for it after coffee from the takings.

Before the service:

  1. Turn on the boiler
  2. Empty the dishwasher if necessary
  3. Ensure cups, insulated jugs, tea pot, milk jugs, plastic cups for the kids are out on the top
  4. Check there is milk in the fridge

After the service: (during the voluntary)

  1. Fill the insulated jugs with water
  2. Make tea & coffee (pour this on the tray so it doesn’t leak all over!)
  3. Sort out the Ribena or whatever for the kids drinks
  4. Put out the biscuits and sugar
  5. Put the milk into jugs

After Coffee:

  1. Collect all the cups etc and stack the dishwasher and switch it on
  2. Return sugar, biscuits, milk, coffee etc to the containers and cupboards
  3. Clean everything down
  4. Turn off the boiler
  5. If anything is running low on stock let Janet or Rebecca know. The milk is also used for evensong, if the stock is low please ensure Rebecca or Ann knows.





This is one of the most important jobs in church. Being there to say hello, helping out those who need help (sometimes they will ask sometimes not!).

The doors open for the service at ~9.30 please be at church for this time.

Organising and handing out the books and other information and collecting them up and sorting them out afterwards. 

Introducing people to others in church

Pointing out the facilities including the children’s corner.

Talking to new people and answering any of their questions. There is someone new nearly every week at St Michaels.

After the service making sure Rebecca is aware of who was in church or any other messages.

All the glass doors should be open during the lead up to the service but can be closed as it starts. If there are children around, please ensure the doors are shut during the service.

Generally just keeping an eye on what’s going on.

I am hoping that the people on this list will also be able to help out with collecting the open collection. This would involve taking the collection plate round one side of the church.

If this is not something you want to do, could you let me know asap.


Thank you

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