Foodbank - Leeds North and West Foodbank

Leeds North and West Foodbank is one of the two Trussell Trust Foodbanks in Leeds, the other being Leeds South and East Foodbank. Trussell Trust is a Christian organisation and Leeds North and West foodbank was started by local churches in 2013. We have 7 distribution centres throughout the north and west of the city with at least one being open every day of the week except Sunday. Emergency food parcels for three days are issued to people found to be in food crisis by organisations within the community. The most common reasons for food crisis are benefit changes and benefit delays, as well as low wages, including zero hours contracts. Last year, 7,715 food parcels were issued of which 3,131 were for children. Ninety percent of the food distributed is given by the general public.

To find our current locations and opening times please visit

This also gives information about volunteering and making donations or you may contact us by Email

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