• Welcome to St. Michael and All Angels.

    Saint Michael and All Angels' Church is a an open and inclusive Church in the Liberal Catholic  tradition of Church of England. Here you will find a parish church which, in various forms, has stood at the heart of the community of Headingley since 1620.

    Here you will find wonderful Gothic architecture, fine stained glass, beautiful wrought iron work, a fine organ accompanying harmonious singing, all witnessing to the beauty and welcome of God, and the care and faithfulness of generations of Christians.

    Above all, it is here you will find a Christian Community worshipping God, praying that we may grow in love and service, and in the beauty of holiness.

    We invite all who enter to pause and make space for the God who made us and who meets us in Jesus Christ.

    On behalf of the whole worshipping community, may we welcome you to St Michael’s. We pray that God will bless your visit here.

    Revd. Tony Whatmough

    Vicar of St. Michael’s Church. Team Rector of the Headingley Team


  • Charity of the Season:

    Muscular Dystrophy UK is the charity for the 70,000 people living with muscle-wasting conditions in the UK.

    Janet and Ryan Lewis will be running the Great North Run on 11th September in aid of the Charity of the Month and are looking for support.

    Please look at the displays at the back of Church, and put any donations in the box near the font or go to


    and, or


    “Love one another”: St Peter’s Vocational Model Preached by Rory D. Sellgren, 24 April 2016

    Saint Michael and All Angels (Headingley), Leeds, UK click here to read whole sermon


    Click here to contact Ian Sharp on how to get your copy


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  • Growing in Love

    When Paul says, ‘Your love for one another is growing,’ it’s not the kind where life’s perfect and everybody accommodates you. God’s intention is to ‘grow’ you into the kind of love that’s not...

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  • UCB Prayerline is all about bringing God into the equation of your life. This confidential service is available to you whoever you are and whatever background you come from. Trained Christian volunteers will take your call and pray for you and with you.


    one two two two six
    Our Prayer Line opens again at 9am