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St. Michael and All Angels

14th April 2019

     Palm Sunday


Welcome to St. Michael’s.

If you are new, please fill in a Welcome Slip

so that we can keep in touch.

10am Parish Eucharist   

President: Revd. Tony Whatmough

Palm Sunday Gospel: Luke 19:28-40

Processional  Hymn: All glory, laud, and honour

Collect: Almighty and everlasting God,

      who in your tender love towards the world

      sent your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ to take upon him our flesh

      And to suffer death upon the cross: grant that we may follow the example of his patience and humility, and also be made

      partakers of his resurrection; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Old Testament: Isaiah 50:4-9a

Gradual Psalm: 51 Have mercy on us Lord for we have sinned

New Testament: Philippians 2:5-11

Gradual Hymn: 129 – Ride on, ride on in majesty

Passion Gospel Reading:  Luke 23:1-49

Offertory Hymn: 112 – My song is love unknown

Communion Hymn: 125 – We sing the praise of him who died

Anthem: Cantique de Jean Racine - Faure

Recessional 122  – The royal banners forward go


11.30 Annual Parochial Church Meeting


6.30 Palm Sunday Reflection – Please use the service booklet.            


For Our Prayers:              

Anglican Communion: Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East – Suheil Dawani, Archbishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East and Archbishop in Jerusalem

The Diocese: Please pray for older people – “For those who walk more slowly through this world than in the days when they were young, may each step be made lighter and their joy be greater for seeing beauty in little things that the hurrying pass by.”

Our Parish: That we may be truly grateful for all that we have received.


Eco-tips:  The location of your fridge can make a difference in how energy efficient it is. Make sure it is out of direct sunlight and not close to the oven. Keep a gap between it & the wall so air can circulate.

Secretarial Help Wanted

REMAP is a charity that makes one-off devices for people with disabilities where nothing is available commercially. Alan Parker is chairman of the local panel which needs a new secretary for minute taking and routine administrative tasks. No financial work involved but computer skills essential. If interested please phone 0113 2685764


Some Future events at St. Michael’s

St Michael's Photo Exhibition. Subject: our Environment. Maybe your favourite local view, or a holiday snap of an amazing landscape, or a close up of a flower, or a squirrel eating, or lamb frolicking. See Poster in Church.

During Holy Week, Fr Christopher is leading mediations on the Passion at St. Chad’s 7-8pm

The Final Lent Group at St. Michael’s is on Wednesday 17th in the Parish Hall.

Thursday 18th April: Maundy Thursday. This will be a Team Service at All Hallows, with a Maundy Thursday Meal.

Friday 19th April: Good Friday

      CTH Walk of Witness

      St. Columba: 10.30

      St. Michael’s: 10.45

      South Parade:  11.15

      Headingley Methodist, with

      refreshments: 11.40

Last Hour: St. Michael’s 2pm

Sunday 21st April: Easter Day.

            Dawn Service at St. Michael’s at 6am

            Parish Eucharist 10am.

            Holy Communion 12 noon

            Festive Evensong 6.30pm


Charity of the Season

Harehills English Language Project

Harehills is a vibrant, multi-cultural community but not without its problems of high unemployment, drug addiction and anti-social behaviour. Many families, find themselves on the margins of society with little or no income, living on benefits and suffering from isolation and loneliness. H.E.L.P (provides education, including social and cultural activities, to improve the well-being and confidence of learners and to support inter-cultural harmony.


Recycle Walker’s crisp packets

Walkers are aiming to make all their packaging 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025. In the meantime, they’ve partnered with recyclers TerraCycle to make it easier to recycle crisp packets and reduce the impact on the environment. Any crisp packets can be collected. Walker’s will donate to the Cat’s Protection League. A box is available at the back of church. Please put your crisp packets there.


During the Week at St. Michael’s


Morning Prayer St. Michael’s

St. Michael’s Luncheon Club

Communion & Reflection, St. Chad







Grove Park Communion

Communion & Reflection, St. Chad






Morning Prayer

Holy Communion

Communion & Reflection, St. Chad

Lent Group










Morning Prayer & Holy Communion,  St. Chad

Maundy Thursday Service, All Hallows









Walk of Witness, starting at St. Columba

Last Hour



Sunday  21st April

Easter Day

Sunrise Service

Holy Communion, St. Chad

Parish Eucharist

Holy Communion

Festal Evensong








If you know anyone who is ill or would like a 

visit, please let the Vicar know.

Team Rector: Tony Whatmough by clicking here

(Tony takes Saturday as his day off.)

Parish Office: 275 4053

Curate: Revd. Dr. Angela Birkin

0750 605 6185

Parish Office: 275 4053

Parish Hall Bookings: 275 1939

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