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St. Michael and All Angels


12th November 2017

Remembrance Sunday



Welcome to St. Michael’s.

If you are new, please fill in a

Welcome Slip

so that we can keep in touch.


10am Parish Eucharist

President & Preacher:

Revd. Tony Whatmough

We are pleased to welcome members of the British Legion to this service, and members of our uniformed organisations.

Please see the service booklet for details.


6.30pm Evensong Revd. Phil Chilvers

Introit Hymn: 267 Thou whose almighty

Psalm 82 page 236

Old Testament : Judges 7:2-22

New Testament: John 15:9-17

Anthem: Jerusalem - Parry

Hymn: 553 Peace perfect peace

Offertory Hymn: 212 Captains of the saintly band


The Anglican Communion:

Ughelli (Bendel, Nigeria) – Cyril Odutemu


The Diocese:

God of Peace, Lover of Justice, take our thanksgiving and turn it into active compassion for the victims of aggression and violence, whether they are labelled aliens or allies, enemies or friends. May they experience the grace of forgiving, and the healing power of love. Take our rage and turn it into potent anger at all forms of injustice, all attempts to dominate others through violence, all identification of right with force. May our anger burn until we see peace built on the foundations of justice and freedom from oppression. From An Act of Remembrance and Reconciliation by the Baptist Peace Fellowship).


Our Parish: Royal British Legion, Headingley Branch.


At Evensong:

Those for whom our prayers have been asked:

Rachel Frost. Julie McBarron. Wenda Parkinson. Berta Hurtaco. Kevin Patrick. Susan Pearson. Tom Clements. Yvonne Stenzal. Louise Ibbtson. Joan Kennedy. Anne Morden. Vick Allsop. Mark & Lisa Allotey. June Flowers. Catherine Kilpatrick


The Departed: Joan Jackman

If you would like someone to be prayed for at our services, please let the Vicar know. Could you also keep him up to date about people on the list.


Ian Simpson writes: James Gordon Simpson, Ian Simpson’s father, was a school teacher and joined the army in 1914 & by 1917 had been commissioned as a lieutenant. He was on the Western Front in France. He wrote to his father George who was a wool trader and an elder of the Presbyterian church at Bromley, Kent:

I rather wonder what you thought would be the effect of your other enclosure? Personally I thought it an imbecile and rather poisonous production. It seemed to me that anyone who tries at this juncture to stimulate feelings of hatred and distrust between the nations which produced and are prolonging the war is doing devil’s work and I am rather amazed that you don’t see it yourself. “You have heard it said by them of old time, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I say to you….” (Matt. 5:38)

I dare say you can complete the quotation. It is quite easy to kill the Germans with one’s mouth - any voluble idiot can do it quite effectively, but what we want now is people with brains enough to discover the conditions of a durable peace and the means to attain it. However, it seems that a waste of time to write any more as I have already delivered myself twice on the subject.”

Ian’s father, James, continued in the army in 1918 & was awarded the Military Cross for encouraging his troops forward while twice wounded himself. He continued his teaching career after the war, being for a time on the staff of Ilkley Grammar School before moving to London & later Portsmouth, where he was head of a large boys’ secondary school.

Unfortunately episodes of depression brought his career to a premature end.



Some up and coming Events at St. Michael’s


21st November: Lighting of the Headingley Lights. 5.45

3rd December: Lights of Love Service, Wheatfield's, 4pm

Advent Carol Service 6.30

6th December: Skyrack Christmas Lunch 12.00

9th December: Carol Singing at the Farmers’ Market & Arndale Centre

10th December: All Age Eucharist, Cloth for the Cradle. 10.00

14th December: Carol singing at the Skyrack. 7pm


Eco-Tip: Give Earth a Christmas gift this year – Simplify your shopping and wrapping, and buy gifts that are not disposable or easy to break, or better still make something original. Have you thought about giving a wildlife gift available from charities such as RSPB, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Oxfam?


Did you know that 35% of children think that Jesus was born at the South Pole? Will you help them discover the truth about Jesus’ birth?

The Children’s Society has produced a book, The First Christmas, that wonderfully retells the real Christmas story and firmly puts the 'Christ' back into Christmas. See Jan Kramer for details.


Sorting out old clothes?

Bring them to Church and we can pass them on to the homeless in Headingley and Leeds. Soaps and other hygiene products would also be welcome.


Posada, the travelling crib, is an old Mexican tradition where young people dressed as Mary and Joseph travelled from house to house asking for a room for the night and telling people about the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

Modern day Posada uses nativity figures of Mary and Joseph who travel from place to place. This gives each ‘host’ the chance to create their own celebration in their home making room for

Jesus in their lives.

If you would like to take part this year, please see Tony.


During the Week at St. Michael’s



 Morning Prayer




 Morning Prayer,

St. Chad

PCC Meeting, Elam Room







Morning Prayer

Holy Communion






Morning Prayer & Holy Communion,

St. Chad

Grove Court









 Morning Prayer,

All Hallows



Sunday 19th November

2 before Advent

Holy Communion,

St. Chad

Parish Eucharist

Holy Communion






12 .00



Congratulations to our church architect, Richard Crooks and Partners, for winning the 2017 King of Prussia Gold Medal for Restoration of St.Mark's Church, Leeds


Thinking ahead to Christmas

How would you like to decorate one of the church windowsills on the theme of Christmas?

What does it mean to you?

It doesn’t need to be floral. If you are interested please speak to Glynis (07974235902)


If you know anyone who is ill or would like a visit, please let the Vicar know.


Team Rector: Revd. Tony Whatmough

0113 274 3238/07711335050


(Tony takes Saturday as his day off.)

Curate: Revd. Dr. Angela Birkin

0750 605 6185

Parish Office: 275 4053

Parish Hall Bookings: 275 1939

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