Summary of the PCC Meeting held on 20th November 2019

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 20th November 2019

Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Rebecca Crowson; Glynis Dickson; Ann Dudzinski; Jane Ferguson; Karen Gough; Malcolm Heath; Jan Kramer; Janet Lewis; Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Anita Shaw; Luke Verrall

Apologies: Revd Angela Birkin; Sonya Bushell; Ella Dudzinski; Tom Herbert; Felicity King: Alan Daines

Matters Arising:

West End of Church: See Fabric Report below.

Parish Safeguarding Policy: A meeting was pending.

GDPR: A meeting was pending. 

Director of Music:  Cover was in place until Christmas. In the New year it would be important to advertise for a new appointment.

Team Rector’s comments: It was confirmed that All Hallows intends to become part of the Team, though the formal process will take time.

Phil Chilvers’ licensing period had expired. It was agreed that we would like to continue his ministry at St Michael’s, but the formalities had still to be investigated.

The question of the magazine (P1.9, 8th May 2019) was revisited. Since few of the copies produced were sold, the cost of production per copy was high (in part due to a high level of colour printing), and advertising income was not being received, the magazine in its current form was not thought to be financially viable. It was, however, agreed that maintaining contact with members of the congregation unable to attend was important. After discussion, a consensus emerged in favour of a black-and-white newsletter, produced (e.g.) three times a year, delivered in hard copy to those unable to attend, and distributed in digital form by e-mail to others who opted to receive it. This would be consistent with placing information about St Michael’s service and events and other contributions in the St Chad’s magazine.

Communion Assistants: Consequent on Ben’s resignation as Verger, there was a need to find more people who would be willing to take on roles in worship (e.g. Communion Assistants, Deacons). A general invitation would be a less effective form of recruitment than individually targeted invitation and encouragement. This was especially important in view of TW’s imminent retirement.

Treasurer’s Report: The Parish Share for 2020 would be £63k, an increase of approximately £5k. It was agreed that this would not be paid in one New Year instalment, but in three tranches over the year. It would be useful to raise with the diocese our concern that after April we would have a part-time self-supporting minister, but no full-time incumbent: we would therefore be continuing to pay for a service that the diocese was no longer providing.

Fabric Report:

  • West End: Enabling works have been completed; a ‘snagging’ meeting between the contractor and Richard Crooks was to be arranged. Fabric Committee would meet Richard Crooks on 18th November to consider the tenders for the next stage of the work. A tender from Roy C. Smith Ltd has been accepted; it is hoped that work will start early in the new year. The kitchenette and north porch will be the next areas of work, followed by the accessible toilet. The grants sub-committee continues to work on applications for grant funding.
  • Richard Crooks is producing revised costings for the project. Concern was expressed about the project’s high total cost. It was noted that the headline figure would be reduced by VAT recoveries; that the project was based on a staged plan, so that elements could be removed; and that there was still the possibility of grant income.
  • Church: David Simpson continues to make adjustments to the sound system. It appears currently to be in good working order; it will however require further work to be carried out as the West End work progresses. David has also adjusted the sensors on the outside light by the vestry door.  
  • A quotation for necessary repairs and some upgrading to the church tower clock has been accepted by Finance Committee; DAC has advised that a Faculty will not be needed. Quotations for the regular inspection of the tower, spire and lightning conductor, and for the regular inspection of fixed wired electrical components in church, are awaited.
  • It was noted that a new rope and pulley was needed for the bell-rope, and the bells needed to be rung periodically to maintain condition.
  • Leeds City Council has carried out pointing work to the external wall to the churchyard. They have been asked to consider the trees in the churchyard.
  • M D Builders have cleaned the main gates to the churchyard and the gate to the vestry path, and re-stained the gates and replaced metalwork (e.g. hinges).
  • Parish Hall and Youth Centre: M D Builders have refurbished one of the backstage toilets; the other has been removed, and the space converted into storage and shelving. Security covers have been fitted to the heating controls in the Hall and youth centre. Blockages in the toilets have been cleared, and a faulty tap has been replaced. David Simpson has carried out repairs and upgrading work to the emergency lights. Poppies Cleaning Agency has carried out a thorough deep clean of the Parish Hall and the Youth Centre.

Shire Oak C of E School Report: A meeting of the governors was scheduled for the following week. The School would be taking part in the turning on of the Headingley Christmas lights on Tuesday 26th November; the Christmas Carol Service would be on Tuesday 17th December.

Committee and Group Reports:

Green Group: There had been discussion of hedgerows, energy provides, events, flower planters and recycling.

Parish Hall: Urgent business had been dealt with; other business was deferred to the meeting on Monday 10th February 2020.

Deanery: The meeting on 17th October discussed the Diocesan Strategy Toolkit and its application. Two churches which had piloted the Toolkit reported back to the meeting.

St James’s Woodside, working to transition to a wholly ‘lay led’ church, used the toolkit with the whole church to review current activity. Beginning with a church-wide conversation, which a small group distilled into a draft strategic plan for consideration by PCC was found to a more effective approach to strategy development than starting from PCC.

All Saints Barwick in Elmet had identified one or two priorities out of the five in the Strategy Toolkit to prioritise. Recognising the good initiatives already in place, choosing one goal that is the most important immediate priority, and working with ‘bite-sized’ initiatives were the key points learned.

Group discussions highlighted the importance of engaging the whole church from the start, and affirming what is already being done well, in addition to identifying what needs to be done.

Churches Together: There would be carol singing on Saturday December 14th at the Arndale Centre. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (January 18th-25th St) will include a Coffee Morning in aid of Wheatfields in Michael’s Parish Hall, 10-12 noon. The Unity Service would be on Sunday 19th at South Parade at 3pm; there would be Ecumenical Get-togethers at St Michael’s Parish Hall on Monday 20th (10-12am) and other venues (Tuesday 21st, afternoon; Wednesday 22nd, evening).

Lent Lunches will, as usual, be on five Fridays in the Methodist Hall, but with a simplified format: the talk will be the beginning of the hour, followed by meal and discussion, with rolls, cheese and fruit but no soup.

Dates of meetings for 2019/20:

Standing Committee:
Tuesday 7th January 2020
Monday 24th February 2020

Tuesday 21st January 2020
Wednesday 11th March 2020

Annual meetings: Sunday 5th April 2020 (Palm Sunday)


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