Church History XI Acknowlegements


These acknowledgements are taken from the original booklet and so refer to some pictures which haven't been transferred to the website yet.
Text based on a previous booklet by Joyce Pogson in 1986.
Rewritten by Timothy Nicholson in 2002, incorporating further research by
Veronica Johnston (1996) and Elizabeth Williams (1998).
Cover drawing by Glenys Dickson.
The picture of the first church is from a sepia drawing, possibly by John N Rhodes;
the picture of the second church is from a watercolour by W Braithwaite. Both
pictures are hanging in the Parish Hall.
The picture of Canon F J Wood hangs in the Parish Office.
Photographs and typesetting by Timothy Nicholson.
Malden, Rev'd Richard Henry.
The church of Headingley in Four Centuries
J S Savile and Co, Headingley, 1923.
Wood, Rev'd Rowland John.
St Michael's Headingley
Outhwaite Bros, The Caxton Press, Shipley, 1957
Jones, Alison.
Chambers Compact Reference, 1992.

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