Church History IV

The Porch
The north porch was built after the consecration
of the main Church, and was dedicated in 1890.
The figures over the outside entrance arch are
Jesus in the centre, with St Peter and St Paul on
the left and Daniel and Isaiah on the right. Inside,
the small windows on the left show St Oswald
and St Wilfrid, with St Etheldreda and St Hilda
on the right. These four saints can also be seen in
the reredos (see later).

The North Aisle
The window on the west wall of the north aisle, to
the right as one enters the church, commemorates
three children of the Firth family. It dates from
1892 and shows from left to right: the Virgin
Mary - Blessed are the pure in heart; Jesus as the Good Shepherd - He shall gather
the lambs with His arm; and the call of St John - Follow Me; with appropriate
symbols below - lilies, pelican, chalice.
The three windows along the north aisle came from the second church:
The first window (nearest the porch) shows the Nativity and the visit of the three
Wise Men (on the left) and the Shepherds (on the right) - All kings shall fall down
before Him and all nations shall serve Him. The dedication is to Benjamin
Hargreave Labron who died of yellow fever, aged 21, in St Thomas, West Indies, in
The central window shows the women and the Angel at the tomb, with the risen
Jesus above - Now is Christ risen from the dead and become the first fruits of them
that slept. This window, dated 1871, is dedicated to John Long (died 1823), his wife,
Mary Long (died 1870), and William Robert Long their only child (died in 1817
aged 5 years).
The final window portrays the Child Jesus in the Temple - I must be about my
Father's business (Luke 2:41-50). It was designed and executed by Knowles of
York, and dedicated on Whitsunday 1889 as a memorial to John Thackeray (1821-
1888), Headmaster of the Town (later St Michael's) School for 28 years and
Superintendent of the Sunday School for 31 years.
The west end of this aisle is now used to welcome visitors when the church is open
during the week.

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